Beauty and The Beast – Movie Review

The beloved tale as old as time returns to the big screen with a new live action twist, several new songs, as well as a new cast to bring this Disney favorite to life once again, what isn’t new however, is the overwhelming sense of happiness and magic the story brings to hearts of everyone.

The topic of beast continues with this review, except this beast makes you want to fall in love, or least have someone fall in love with him. Dan Stevens is fantastic in his turn as the arrogant prince turned beast, and manages to give one of the beast performances in the film, as well giving an outstanding performance of the Beast’s new song Evermore that is certain to become yet another Disney classic. Another great performance comes from Olaf… I mean Josh Gad, who plays Gaston’s trusting side kick, LeFou. Josh Gad not only gives an incredible, and almost refreshing take on the character, but overs up a performances of Gaston that will leave audience members in stitches. But we can’t take about Gaston’s sidekick without talking about the man himself, or should I say the man who thinks he’s the man. Luke Evans musical theater background shines through in his performance as Gaston, with a singing voice that could all the girls swoon, no matter how much we wish it wouldn’t. Another bonus is the hilarious delivery Evans gives to Gaston, with incredible comedic timing that matches up really well with funny man Josh Gad. And lastly, we most certainly can’t mention Beauty and The Beast without mentioning the Beauty herself… Miss Emma Watson. Ever since she’s descended that staircase in Harry Potter, we all new she was meant to be a princess, and this movie solidifies that. With a gorgeous singing, as well as her outstanding acting performance, Watson truly does the 1991 animated Belle justice.

The films also offers up new details for fans of the original to appreciate, giving more details about The Beasts backstory, as well as discussing Belle’s mother.

The best thing about this film is that while it certainly stays true to the original, it offers up something new for future generations to love, as well as though’s of us who grew up with the original. The new music, written by the legend himself, Alan Meinken, is fantastic, and fits beautifully in with the already famous songs.And Emma Thompsons gorgeous take on Beauty and The Beast would make Angela Lansbery proud, as well as Ewan McGreggors upbeat retelling of Be Our Guest.

It would be impossible for lovers of the 1991 animation to not at least enjoy this film, you may not like it as much as the original, you may think its better, but it truly has the potential to become a Disney classic, and certainly helps this famous tale as old as time earn a place in our hearts all over again.


Gaston (Luke Evans) a handsome but arrogant brute, holds court in the village tavern in Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, directed by Bill Condon, a live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic and a celebration of one of the most beloved stories ever told.


Josh Gad (LeFou) performing Gaston in the 2017 Live- Action Adaptation of Beauty and The Beast

the beast

Dan Stevens as The Beast in the 2017 Live-Action Adaptation of Beauty and The Beast


Emma Watson and Kevin Kline play Father and Daughter, Belle and Maurice in the live- action adaptation of Beauty and The Beast


Ewan McGregor voices Lumiere during the recreation of the iconic performance, Be Our Guest, in the 2017 Live- Action Adaptation of Beauty and The Beast





Suicide Squad – Film Review

Being one of the most highly anticipated films of the year, its safe to say that Suicide Squad had a lot to live up to, the question is however, did it? The answer, kind of. Was the film bad, absolutely not. Was it the greatest film DC Comics has ever put out? No. Let me explain.

First off, I will say this. Every actor in the film impressed me. Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Jared Leto, and the rest of the cast all gave good performances. It was script and the story its self that I was not as impressed with.

First off, the opening. Was it necessary, probably. And I actually kind of enjoyed it because it was something different. My issue however was how long it was. I understand that there were a lot of characters and that we had to be given their backstories, well at least the casual movie goer who didn’t know them did. So in this case I will forgive them for the excessively long introduction, I just don’t want to see it again.

Second, the ending. I felt like the movie was going great up until the climax. The fight scene at the end was really cool, I just feel like it was rushed. I feel like the transition to the climax was a little forced and I would have liked to have scene more between the time they got off the wrecked plane and when they completed their original mission.

Here’s what I did like, Margot Robbie. She was amazing as Harley Quinn, and gave the best performance in the entire movie. She did a great job of going from psychotic to intelligent, and managed to make her character to look very selfless at times, and obnoxious and rude at others. Her sharp delivery of her lines was great, and enjoyed every moment she was on screen, and after leaving the movie all I could think was I want more Harley Quinn.

Overall I did enjoy the movie, there were just a few details that I didn’t, but were certainly not enough to make me completely reject the film. All I can say is that if you are a movie snob, this isn’t for you. However, if you enjoy a quirky action packed film, with great music, and fun performances, this movie is one you should definitely watch.


the squad

Jai Courtney, Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Karen Fukuhara, Joel Kinnaman, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and Jay Hernandez star as Marvel’s Suicide Squad in the film adaptation of the comics, directed by David Ayer.


Margot Robbies brings Harley Quinn to live in Suicide Squad 

suicide squad

Joel Kinnaman, Margot Robbie, Will Smith, and Jai Courtney star as Rick Flagg, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang, in David Ayer’s 2016 Film Adaptation of the beloved comics


The Sucide Squad sticks together to protect Rick Flagg in the 2016 film adaptation of the comics