13 Reasons Why – Reasons Why You Need To Watch It

Okay, before you say anything, yes I am aware that 13 Reasons Why is a tv show and not a movie, but I couldn’t not talk to you guys about this show after I finished it last week, and again, yes I did wait a week to post about, but thats simply because it took that long for me to get thoughts and emotions about the show in order. So now that I can sit down and properly discuss this show with you, here are several reasons why you should watch 13 Reasons Why. 

  1. Despite the differences, the show does the book justice. 
    • For those of you have read the book and loved it, do not fret, while they’re are definitley some major differences, the biggest one being that the shows takes place over a couple weeks unlike the book which takes place over the course of one night. You have to expect these differences however, especially considering they were turning a 13 chapter book into 13 hours of television. They stay true to the most important thing however, telling a story that moves and inspires people who go through a lot of the same struggles the characters in the novel go through.
  2. They Spent Six Years Trying To Get This Show Made 
    • For those of you who didn’t know, Selena Gomez is the executive producer on the show and has had the rights to it since she was seventeen years old. Since then she and her mom, another executive producer on the show, have been working to make this show happen. Which should tell you how much this show meant to the people that made it. The turned several offers for the book to be made into a film after they realized that they didn’t want to stay true to the story and wanted to water down some of the subject material within the novel, which is the exact opposite of what Jay Asher, the author wanted, as well as Selena.
  3. It Truly Is Relatable  
    • Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette star as Hannah Baker and Clay Jenson, the main characters in the show, and as two relative unknowns, unless you’ve seen Goosebumps or Don’t Breathe then you might know Dylan, they managed to give two of the best small screen performances i’ve seen in years. Their performance, along with the rest of the cast, takes this show away from the realms of cheezy teen shows like Pretty Little Liars and other shows of its kind make a sad attempt at doing. Being relateable. The reasons I say this is because alot of the things you see in the type of shows that Freeform releases, most of thetime when the shows try to be relatable it takes place in situations that are so unreasonable that the situations end up almost being humarous. 13 Reasons Why on the other actually manages to sucessfully interept how difficult it is to be young, and how even the smallest of things can hurt someone. Dealing with topics like suicide, sexual assault, bullying, and other painful experiences that two many people experience, and they don’t hold back in how the show these situations. The show makes you understand how words can hurt, alot more then you may realize, and that you never know whats going on in someone elses life, and that even the smallest of things could be someone elses breaking point. It also shows that your actions can come back to haunt you, and that you should always be kind to others.

I will give you heads up before you watch this show, because if you are between the ages of 15 and 25 you should watch it, there are moments in this shows that are pretty heavy, and it does get difficult to watch at times, but these are situations that need to be talked about. Situations that we need to be constantly remined are taking place to so many people every single day, and even an incredibly well done show like this can get people talking, then I support a hundred percent, and you should too, you never know who it might help.


Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford in Netfilx’s 13 Reasons Why


Miles Heizer and Dylan Minette in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why


Dylan Minette in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why


Dylan Minnette and Christian Navarro in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why



Beauty and The Beast – Movie Review

The beloved tale as old as time returns to the big screen with a new live action twist, several new songs, as well as a new cast to bring this Disney favorite to life once again, what isn’t new however, is the overwhelming sense of happiness and magic the story brings to hearts of everyone.

The topic of beast continues with this review, except this beast makes you want to fall in love, or least have someone fall in love with him. Dan Stevens is fantastic in his turn as the arrogant prince turned beast, and manages to give one of the beast performances in the film, as well giving an outstanding performance of the Beast’s new song Evermore that is certain to become yet another Disney classic. Another great performance comes from Olaf… I mean Josh Gad, who plays Gaston’s trusting side kick, LeFou. Josh Gad not only gives an incredible, and almost refreshing take on the character, but overs up a performances of Gaston that will leave audience members in stitches. But we can’t take about Gaston’s sidekick without talking about the man himself, or should I say the man who thinks he’s the man. Luke Evans musical theater background shines through in his performance as Gaston, with a singing voice that could all the girls swoon, no matter how much we wish it wouldn’t. Another bonus is the hilarious delivery Evans gives to Gaston, with incredible comedic timing that matches up really well with funny man Josh Gad. And lastly, we most certainly can’t mention Beauty and The Beast without mentioning the Beauty herself… Miss Emma Watson. Ever since she’s descended that staircase in Harry Potter, we all new she was meant to be a princess, and this movie solidifies that. With a gorgeous singing, as well as her outstanding acting performance, Watson truly does the 1991 animated Belle justice.

The films also offers up new details for fans of the original to appreciate, giving more details about The Beasts backstory, as well as discussing Belle’s mother.

The best thing about this film is that while it certainly stays true to the original, it offers up something new for future generations to love, as well as though’s of us who grew up with the original. The new music, written by the legend himself, Alan Meinken, is fantastic, and fits beautifully in with the already famous songs.And Emma Thompsons gorgeous take on Beauty and The Beast would make Angela Lansbery proud, as well as Ewan McGreggors upbeat retelling of Be Our Guest.

It would be impossible for lovers of the 1991 animation to not at least enjoy this film, you may not like it as much as the original, you may think its better, but it truly has the potential to become a Disney classic, and certainly helps this famous tale as old as time earn a place in our hearts all over again.


Gaston (Luke Evans) a handsome but arrogant brute, holds court in the village tavern in Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, directed by Bill Condon, a live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic and a celebration of one of the most beloved stories ever told.


Josh Gad (LeFou) performing Gaston in the 2017 Live- Action Adaptation of Beauty and The Beast

the beast

Dan Stevens as The Beast in the 2017 Live-Action Adaptation of Beauty and The Beast


Emma Watson and Kevin Kline play Father and Daughter, Belle and Maurice in the live- action adaptation of Beauty and The Beast


Ewan McGregor voices Lumiere during the recreation of the iconic performance, Be Our Guest, in the 2017 Live- Action Adaptation of Beauty and The Beast




Kong: Skull Island – Movie Review

The King of all beast returns to the big screen in this new, epic, action packed adventure. Starring Emmy winner Tom Hiddleston, Oscar winner Brie Larson, and big screen favorites such as Samuel L. Jackson, and John C. Riley, along side this epic movie monster, the movie certainly doesn’t lack when it comes to its casting choices.

The movie had the potential to be very dark, and it does have its fare share of darker moments; however, with brilliant cinematography, which was only enhanced by the stunning location the movie was filmed, your first introduction of skull island makes you believe your in a tropical paradise rather then an island that overs up death around every corner. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t let you think that for long, offering up skull crawlers, spiders as tall as trees, and giant ants that sound like… birds? And as monster movie lover, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

However, if the monster madness gets a little too much at time, the film does over up its fair share of comedic relieve, with a large majority of the laughs coming from Riley, as well Thomas Mann, who plays one of the soldiers in the film. Even Hiddleston’s more stern character offers up a few laughs along the way.

The movie begins with the crew believing they are taking a quick expedition of discovery, because of the dishonesty of John Goodman’s character. They soon learn, that their discovery involves a giant gorilla, as well as other giant beast who intend to make them they’re permanent source of food if the crew make to the other side of the island to meet up at a rendezvous point in three days. However, with the group separated, and deadly creatures at every turn, the task isn’t a simple as they’d originally thought.

Overall the film does what its supposed too. It is fantastic monster flick, but it offers up more by giving you characters that you like and want to see survive, as well as offering up villains that appear in both beast and human form. The cast does incredible working together considering the wide range of actors, and the film manages to over up an interesting story, alongside the epic of amount of monster action. However, the films most important goal was to set up the future film involving a battle between films two most iconic monsters, Kong and Godzilla, and if were going to compare the two new films, lets just say at this point, i’m team Kong all the way.



Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and John C. Riley in Kong: Skull Island


Kong: Skull Island


Shea Whigham in Kong: Skull Island


Thomas Mann and Tom Hiddleston in Kong: Skull Island



Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday with some great feel good movies for you and your family to enjoy. Here is a list of ten of my favorite feel good movies:

  1. The Blind Side
  2. Forrest Gump
  3. Remember The Titans
  4. Beauty and The Beast
  5. Newsies
  6. Dreamer
  7. The Sound Of Music
  8. The Martian
  9. Spirited Away
  10. Ratatouille



The Blind Side

forrest gump

Forrest Gump


Remember The Titans


Beauty and The Beast






The Sound Of Music

the martianThe Martian


Spirited Away





Classic Disney Movies – Top Ten Lists

As a lover of all things Disney, its no surprise to anyone who has met me that I have an obsession with Disney Movies. Here is a list of my ten favorites Classic Disney Movies:

  1. Mulan
  2. The Lion King
  3. Beauty And The Beast
  4. Pocahontas
  5. The Little Mermaid
  6. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
  7. Aristocats
  8. Aladdin
  9. Oliver and Company
  10. Hercules







The Lion King


Beauty and The Beast




The Little Mermaid


The Hunchback Of Notre Dame






Oliver and Company




Point Break – Old School Favorites

We all have guilty pleasures, and the original point break is definitely one of mine. Starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, the film is nothing short of cheesy. That doesn’t change the fact that for some reason I absolutely love it. The movie is filled with awful one liners that you just can’t help but love, as well as sappy romantic moments. The thing that makes this movie great however, is the action. Filled with epic surfing, car chasing, bank robbery, and sky diving scenes, some of them not including parachutes, the action in this movies doesn’t disappoint, especially given the time period the film was released. I definitely encourage you to watch this movie if you get the chance, you might actually enjoy it.